29. September 2018

The BOKRI cheese factory managed by HOLLYI Viktor has been processing the milk of the Lacaune sheep of the Harkakötöny farmer, NAGY Zoltán for a year. The majority of the stock, which has been fed by us for 2 years, produces between 400-800 litres of milk.

In the Hungarian Cheese Muster VI organised in Etyek, Hungary on 29th September 2018, the Bokri semi-hard sheep cheese won a gold medal award. Perhaps this is to prove that the large production rate does not impact quality at all. The products made of the Harkakötöny sheep milk reflect outstanding taste owing to the high-level professional work of the cheese factory.

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Global Climate Action Summit, San Francisco

14. September 2018

It is a great honour for us that ÁDER János, the President of the Republic of Hungary brought our product, the Climate Savers Feed®, to the attention of the world in the Global Climate Action Summit held in San Francisco on 14th September 2018 as a solution for the fight against climate change.

Source: Global Climate Action Summit 14th  September 2018


Dr. ÁDER János president of the republic, Climate Summit, San Francisco, 14 September 2018

High-quality Hungarian Wagyu

25. January 2018

The application of the Climate Savers Feed® in the feeding of Wagyu beef cattle is decisive, as a result of which high-quality beef can be produced in Vasad, Hungary. The Hungarian top gastronomy is just exploring the Wagyu beef products produced by the ITTEREM Zrt., however, many famous chefs praised the quality of the Hungarian Wagyu.


PATAKY Péter, the creative chef of the Ikon restaurant and the co-owner of the Meatology became a real fan of the renewed Hungarian Wagyu. He did not even fall in love into the Japanese style itself regarding the basic material, but the clean taste and the steak experiences he found at the first test roasting: “As regards taste, this is highly the best steak in my life. This is the number one in the top chart, it is followed by three gaps and any other beef can come only afterwards. Since he tasted it, he is looking for these features in the other steaks. He thinks that this can be felt, if one tastes any of the top wines of SZEPSY István and starts to compare everything to it. He already tasted fantastic aged steak of Hungarian Simmental cattle, red and black Angus, Omaha, South-American and North-American beefs, but none of them was able produce such an expressive and clear beef taste. This meat is good not because it is Wagyu, but because the cattle is kept with outstanding care among good conditions. It receives very high quality feed, it grazes medicinal herbs and not the meat production is the most important for its keepers, but the meat quality. By the way, it is Wagyu” - told the chef. This means only that the subspecies has the possibility to be the best possible and to make the most of it.”

Source: Chef & PINCÉR gastronomy magazine, January 2018



Outstanding Lacaune sheep production results in Hungary

12. September 2017

Our partner, NAGY Zoltán farmer is dealing with the keeping of dairy Lacaune sheep in Harkakötöny, Hungary and has a stock of almost 500 animals. In the Periodicals of the Hungarian Sheep and Goat Breeders’ Association the milk production yields of the 50 best females are published each year.

Among thousands of Lacaune ewes in Hungary, the animal with the highest milk production produced 392.3 litres of milk in 2015, which was the highest milk production that year.

However, the milk production of the sheep stock fed by us in Harkakötöny reached this result in the level of the whole stock, since a large part of this stock produced 400-800 litres of milk during a single lactation. 

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29. June 2017

In the cattle farm of the Béke Mezőgazdasági Kft., Hajdúböszörmény, a unique result in Hungary was achieved: a Hungarian Simmental cow produced 103 thousand litres of milk in her life. To recognise this result, the Association of the Breeders of Hungarian Simmental Cattle introduced a new certificate of registration with the “Super Elite Certificate” to honour the work of the breeder. This wonderful animal has been still producing...

Watch the film about the “Super Elite Certificate” award ceremony of the Simmental cow having produced 100,000 litres of milk:


13. June 2017

With our feed, the composition and the content value changes, which means mostly the increase of the fat-free dry matter content of the milk. Owing to this, the cheeses of our partner, the Sümegtej achieved outstanding results in Hungarian and international competitions due to their fantastic and unique taste. It is an extremely high appreciation that it was first in June 2017 that Hungarians were able to take part in the most famous and most prestigious cheese competition.

In Tours, France, in the cheese competition Mondial du Fromage presenting 650 cheeses in front of a jury of 80, the cheese Ranolder of the family company Sümegtej (TÓTH Tamás and his wife, Marika) won a gold medal in the hard cheese category and their Panarella cheese in the semi-hard cheese category won a bronze medal, which is a great pleasure for them.

The gold medallist Ranolder cheese of our partner, the Sümegtej, in the Mondial du Fromage cheese Olympic games, the most prestigious competition of the world.