Climate protection

Dr. ÁDER János president of the republic, Climate Summit, San Francisco, 14 September 2018

Feeding of dairy cattle, Holstein Friesian variety

Feeding of dairy cattle, AGRO-COW Kft., Berettyóújfalu

Feeding of dairy cattle, Hajdúböszörményi Béke Mezőgazdasági Kft., Hajdúböszörmény

Feeding of dairy cattle, Mocsai Búzakalász Cooperative, Mocsa

Feeding of dairy cattle. MILKMEN Kft., Paks

Feeding of dairy cattle, PUSKIN-TEJ Kft., Szegvár

Feeding of dairy cattle, Rózsási Kft., Szarvas

Feeding of dairy cattle, Szabadság Agricultural cooperative, Tiszalök

Feeding of dairy cattle, VESZELINOV Mile, family farmer, Szeged-Újszentiván

Feeding of dairy cattle, Agrar Kienberg GmbH, Kienberg, Germany

Feeding of dairy cattle, Hungarian Simmental variety

Feeding of a 100,000 litres Hungarian Simmental cattle, Hajdúböszörményi Béke Mezőgazdasági Kft., Hajdúböszörmény

Feeding of beef cattle

Feeding of Charolais beef cattle, SZABÓ Sándor, Téglás

Feeding of beef cattle, Heiner Jaeger, Heinsberg, Germany

Feeding of dairy buffalo

Feeding of Mediterranean dairy buffalo, ITALIAGRO Kft., Mezőtúr

Feeding of sheep

Feeding of Lacaune dairy sheep, NAGY Zoltán, Harkakötöny

Feeding of goat

Feeding of goat, Hun Farm Kft., Izsák

Yield results for dairy products

Buffalo’s milk processing, ITALIAMILK Kft., Gyomaendrőd

Goat’s milk processing, Alföldi Garabonciás Kft., Izsák

The gold medallist Ranolder cheese of our partner, the Sümegtej, in the Mondial du Fromage cheese Olympic games, the most prestigious competition of the world.

Meat yield results

Meat yield results of the Charolais beef slaughter, TENDON Kft., Gyöngyös